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ALL of us who keep animals will be familiar with the endless struggle against muck, algae, etc. and the problems associated with cleaning water troughs to make sure they are properly hydrated.
Whether you're keeping Horses, Alpacas, Sheep, Pigs or keeping Foul, a plentiful supply of H2O is essential for keeping them healthy and growing efficiently.
That's why we developed the The Roto Trough, an ingenious water delivery system that provides your animals with all the water they need.
Made of stainless steel and galvanised iron, the super durable Roto Trough uses a revolving mechanism that lets it swing through 360°, allowing speedy decanting of dirty water. Another great advantage of the Roto Trough is that it can be installed at any height, accommodating all sizes of animals.
With minimal effort the trough can be turned upside down for cleaning, essential for removing any harmful biological matter from the livestock's water supply.  An adjustable floating valve lets you select the optimum water level, while the semicircular design keeps the maximum volume of water low, reducing waste.
Available in two sizes, the Roto Trough can be installed in any location where it can be hooked up to a mains supply, giving you the peace of mind that your livestock are getting all the clean and healthy drinking water they need.